National Make a Difference Day

Today is National Make a Difference Day. Read my letter to the editor in today’s Westfield News about how you and I can make a difference. There are also many ways you can make a difference beyond public service and voting. Here are 20 easy ways to make a difference: Be well. Make a...
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National Teen Driving Safety Week

2020 National Teen Driving Safety Week is October 18th – 24th. Please review this great Teen Driver Safety document from US DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or visit I also have a ton of these stickers. If you would like me to mail you a few, fill out the contact form, and ask...
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Second Candidate Forum

Thank you Westfield News for the great coverage of the second Westfield State Rep Candidate Forum. See:
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Get to know a little bit about Ethan

Why am I running for Westfield's State Rep

I’m running because we need new faces in politics that will bring fresh ideas and more diverse involvement. I’m a bright and energetic servant leader and I am ready to represent Westfield in a positive way.

Right from the start of this campaign, I’ve committed to staying away from divisive partisanship and special interests groups that don’t represent the values of the community.

Like most of Westfield voters*, I am an Independent.  I have not been happy with the nasty divisive partisan politics we’ve seen lately.  Many representatives seem to be more interested in pushing their party positions than working respectfully and collaboratively for the people that elected them. I’m happy to be free from party pressures, and ready to work for you and all of our best interests.

* Westfield voters are: 57% Independent, 22.8% Democrat, 18.17% Republican,  2.03% Other (as of September 2019).

Get Involved. Make a Difference.

Westfield by the numbers...


Residents who deserve representation on Beacon Hill.


Taxpayers who deserve an efficient Government


Students who deserve a 21st Century quality education


Miles of road that need to be maintained